Only ten minutes of fast cellulite weight loss strokes


Only ten minutes of fast cellulite weight loss strokes

What is a lymphatic massage?

銆€銆€Lymphatic massage was first introduced as a medical treatment in the West. In fact, the human body has been greatly improved in metabolic function and natural healing power, purifying the body from the inside and regulating the balance of the body.

銆€銆€The beauty of it is that it has no side effects. It is different from dieting or taking drugs. It does not have a so-called rebound. It helps you to metabolize excess water, traces and toxins, and the body naturally improves.The ideal figure appeared.

銆€銆€The invisible sigmoid curve – the happy ending of lymphatic massaging diet 1.

People who are not too fat can also be 1?
3 kg.


Those who think that “there is no room for weight loss” tend to feel the body becoming firmer and firmer, which means that the body itself is in good condition.


Partial weight loss is its strength, making the lines of the waist and clavicle part slim and clear, but it does not cause any decrease in the bust, which is not achieved by dieting and other methods.

銆€銆€10 minutes of lymphatic massage, weight loss, lymphatic massage can be more than 30 kinds of methods, here is a 10-minute self-massage method.

As long as you stick to 10 minutes every day, learning to touch your body and using your own hands to feel the state of the body is very helpful to understand the changes and discomfort of the body as soon as possible, and it is also effective for disease prevention.

銆€銆€First of all: the lower arm is drained in the depression of the lower limb of the arm of the right hand, with the four fingers of the right thumb outside, gently stepping on seven times, and then repeating the same action.

銆€銆€The second step: abdominal drainage with the left and right hands overlapping (the left hand is pressed against the right hand back), from the lower edge of the heart, the circular massage of the abdominal cavity in the clockwise direction, the action should be slow and rhythmic, on average1 shot every 2 seconds is the best.

銆€銆€Step 3: Drain the instep at the junction of the index finger and the ring finger on the instep, use your thumb to step on it, and slide it up to the upper edge of the instep. Repeat the action three times.

銆€銆€The fourth step: the lower leg draws the hands to hold the calf in a posture, the four fingers are in front, the thumb is behind, slides from bottom to top, and repeats the action five times.

銆€銆€Step 5: After compression, the hand is presented with the hand drawn from the bottom up, and the palm is facing upwards. In the opposite direction to the upper stroke, the four fingers are behind, the thumb is in front, the four fingers are pressed gently to squeeze the rear depression, and then the homeopathicSlide up to the thigh and repeat the action five times.

銆€銆€Step 6: Continue the last movement of the thigh drainage, and apply force by the thumb. From every 2 cm above, gently press for 5 seconds, then release the hand and then move it up and down repeatedly to reach the groin.

銆€銆€The secret to double the weight loss effect.

Massage begins with the fingers, toes, etc. away from the heart.

鈥淔rom the end to the center鈥?is the basic element of massage.


Clean hands and massage area 3.

Breathe in the breath and gently massage each part for 1 minute.

Do not use your fingers or palms, close your body properly, and add your own weight to massage 5 .

After the bath or after exercise, the massage effect doubles when the body is hot.

The use of oily or gelatinous skin care products for massage can be used for both skin care and relaxation.

But to meet your own physical condition and skin, and use it in the palm of your hand.

銆€銆€You have eaten enough, but it still looks fleshy.

This is a natural enemy for a slim lady. Although eating too much is considered a healthy way to lose weight, based on the information obtained from slimming experts, the slimming center is the most alternative to using this method to make the body automatically light.
In fact, automatic cellulite does not necessarily need to help the expensive slimming center, learn their usual slimming tricks, and use this 10-minute lymphatic massage method to eliminate fat invisible.