Tiger Brand Product Concept

Tiger Brand Product Concept

Tiger standard products have unique formulas, choose herbal extracts, are safe and effective, and provide people with health and happiness.

We sincerely hope that everyone will fully enjoy an active and healthy life and stay away from the pain and intervention of temporary prevention.

  Relying on the successful experience gained in hundreds of countries in the past hundred years, we have refined the design of the critically acclaimed Tiger Mark Oil products and formed a variety of formulas to meet your various needs, whether it is headache, cold, rheumatism, Joint pain or muscle pain, no matter.

Tiger Label products do exist across several generations of ownership user groups, and are trusted by users. Regardless of male and female young and old, regardless of lifestyle, Tiger Label products can meet your needs and give you peace of mind.

  The proud traditional tiger brand Wanjinyou takes the ancient medicine of the Hanfang court as its source, and develops it step by step, gaining worldwide reputation.

  Its founder is Chinese medicine expert Hu Ziqin. He used to work in the court and left his hometown. He opened a pharmacy in Yangon in the late 1870s, called Yong An Tang. He prepared and sold his unique ointment in the store, which is helpful for all kinds of pain.With wonders.

  Hu Ziqin died in 1908 and his family business passed on to his two sons, Hu Wenhu (meaning “elegant tiger”) and Hu Wenbao (meaning “elegant leopard”).

They relocated their operations to Singapore and successfully sold the ointment to neighboring countries and regions such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Thailand, and many cities in China.

Since then, Tiger Marks Oil has become a standing symbol and symbol, representing the leader among painkillers.

  Tiger standard white gold oil Tiger standard white gold oil is made of camphor, mint, eucalyptus, clove and other pure herbal formulas, which not only can drive the wind and stop itching, but also prevent mosquito bites. It also has a lot of headaches and nasal congestion caused by colds and seasickness caused by boat fatigueVery good relief.

  · Refreshing and refreshing, aromatic tongqiao, mosquito repellent and itching.

  · Pure herbal formula, safe and hassle-free.

  · Packaging: 19.

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