Most workplace people have varying degrees of fragmentation

Most workplace people have varying degrees of fragmentation

When the work is repeated, the interpersonal complexity is complex, the rest is less and less, and the pressure of the workplace is almost collapsed.

A survey shows that nearly 90% of people in the workplace issue different levels of duplication almost every day.

  In particular, many people know that “can’t solve any problem”, but once they have time and opportunities, they still can’t help but talk about their grievances and dissatisfaction.

Eating lunch with colleagues, going home from work, and more “private” are all good times to repeat, so these people are called “workplace grudges.”

  In fact, every job is imperfect, even if it seems to be a very dazzling profession, others seem to be dissatisfied.

In most cases, a little frustration is normal, and you can vent your bad mood by talking.

Even occasionally by overcoming this “soft” way to remind, defending their legitimate rights and interests is understandable.

  However, if you can overcome it, or if you always repeat the same thing, you need to calmly think about where the repetition comes from and then try to resolve it.

If it is because your own value has not been reflected, you can balance your psychology by accumulating experience and establishing hidden benefits such as connections; or take the initiative to “protect your rights” and attract the attention of your boss through your work performance, then come up with your own ideas.

If it is because of a bad relationship with a colleague, you can ask a “middleman” to evaluate and see who the problem is.

If you have been depressed for a long time, you can’t stand the current state. After thinking about it, you can change to a more suitable place.