Chunzhong Science and Technology (603516)杭州夜生活网 Comment on Major Issues: High Incentive Evaluation Conditions Show Full Confidence The company announced that it intends to award stocks to incentive objects 367. 800,000 shares, accounting for about 2 of the equity volume. 81%, of which 134 will be awarded to incentive objects. 300,000Continue Reading

AVIC Aircraft (000768): Large aircrafts listed on the platform screamed out and their growth potential was released soon The company is a conventional large and medium-sized military and civilian aircraft development and production base. The entire product range includes large and medium-sized transport aircraft, bombers, aerial refueling aircraft, early warningContinue Reading

Dark circles can reveal your physical illness Dark circles → All complications of aging of the liver are most likely to start from around the eyes. Since the first wrinkles appear on the forehead, all eye skin problems will appear one by one: bags under the eyes, wrinkles, dehydration, andContinue Reading

Four step professional weight loss exercise 1. At the beginning of the plan, you can take a walk for 20 minutes every day, and then gradually increase the amount. The second week is 25 minutes. The third week is increased to 30 minutes. In the fourth week, you may increaseContinue Reading

Sports recipes to make women more beautiful In fact, in my opinion, exercise is a particularly necessary thing for women to maintain youth and delay aging.Usually people with no exercise habits can be seen.People with exercise habits are in good shape and capable of being light and light.With a brighterContinue Reading

papaya Papaya (“Lei Gong Canon”)[synonym]楙 (“Erya”), papaya fruit (“Bielu”), iron feet pear (“Qing Yilu”).   [Source]It is the fruit of the Begonia spp.   [Processing]Rinse with water, soak a little, moisten to fullness, steam in a steamer, slice by heat, expose to the sun and night, and change from red to purpleContinue Reading

It’s not good to go hungry When you are full and sleep, the food supplement time stays in the stomach, which will promote the secretion of gastric juice, which can cause stomach ulcers for a long time.   Many white-collar workers are working late at night, but too many people willContinue Reading

锘? Help you overcome the food of brain aging When people are middle-aged, they will find that their physical strength is significantly declining. The thinking activities of the mind are not as agile as before, and the phenomenon of brain aging begins to appear. How does aging happen? 銆€銆€Any hardeningContinue Reading