Food Aspirin-Black Fungus Black fungus can prevent hypertension from depositing and coagulating on blood vessels, and it has a better complication effect on arteriosclerosis. Because of its anti-platelet aggregation effect, it is equivalent to enteric-coated aspirin, so it is called “food aspirin”.   Some investigations have shown that people with highContinue Reading

What to do if the child draws a “map” on his tongue Why do children have “map tongue”? Map tongue is a common symptom in children 3-5 years old. Most children with map tongues are relatively obese. The tongue itself is generally not very painful, but some children are oftenContinue Reading

Parent-child games can cultivate baby’s self-confidence Can you tell when your baby first appeared confident? When he successfully put the triangle in the jigsaw, threw the ball through the small window of the toy castle, or suddenly pulled off his socks, he would scream happily.   In fact, successful experiences likeContinue Reading

The uniqueness of acupuncture weight loss The amount of subcutaneous sputum in different parts of the human body is different. Some middle-aged men have subcutaneous feces in the abdomen, while some women’s minors often accumulate in the abdomen, chest and thighs, but some parts of the area are not reducedContinue Reading

锘? Why does weight loss rebound? “Life is endless, losing weight is not limited” is the motto of many fat friends. This not only shows that it is not easy to lose weight, but also shows that it is difficult to keep the weight from rebounding. What is the rebound?Continue Reading

锘? What harm does ejaculation have to men? What is not ejaculation? What harm does ejaculation have to men? What is not ejaculation? Non-ejaculation is a common disease in men. It causes men to lose the ability to own children, causing great harm to men’s lives and causing great damageContinue Reading