Top Group (601689) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Industry Growth Rates Achieved Significantly Under Pressure and Lightweight Chassis Business Leads Future Growth Event: Top Group released the 2018 annual report: the company achieved operating income in 201859. 84 trillion, ten years +17. 6%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.Continue Reading

Zhejiang Mida (002677) 2019 Annual Results Express Review: Steady Growth in Operating Performance Matters: The company releases the 2019 performance report, and the company is expected to achieve total operating income in 2019. 90 trillion, +20 for ten years. 63%; net profit attributable to mother 4. 62 trillion, +22 aContinue Reading

The efficacy and role of tomato Can you eat tomato for hypertension? Lycopene is protected by ascorbase and organic acids. No matter it is stored fresh, cooked, or acid, alkali, high temperature, the vitamin C and vitamin P contained in it are not easy to be destroyed, and will notContinue Reading

Men’s kidney and aphrodisiac 10 diet recipes Always think that she is the “strong” in sex life; always think that she can give her a more “sexual blessing” life . But at home, physical problems will inevitably occur, and kidney deficiency can be said. So what should I do ifContinue Reading

Cupping can treat back pain What about back pain? This may try cupping. Cupping is a method commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. It can not only qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and fever, but also has the function of adjusting the yinContinue Reading

Eat more eye-protecting food Is it tired with too many eyes? Eat more eye-protecting food Nowadays, whether it is adults or children, more and more time is spent on electronic products every day. WiFi is available anytime, anywhere, and people can’t do without the phone. In essence, there are moreContinue Reading

锘? Are you burning fat food today? What? Lose weight women look over! Fat burning food, have you eaten today? Now the lady who loves beauty always thinks that she can be a little more attractive. She always thinks that she can be a little thinner. So I am studyingContinue Reading