When a child draws, parents should be five Every parent wants his child to have great talents, including painting. Painting can use children’s imagination and is a way to express emotions. Painting can exercise the intervention and coordination of children’s small hands, and is a good way to train childrenContinue Reading

Too much soap in the winter bath, skin is drier Taking a bath can improve the skin’s metabolic function and disease resistance, and by soaking in warm water, it can treat certain diseases. It is good for your health, but pay attention to the following points in winter bathing: 1.Continue Reading

Computer puzzle games do not improve intelligence Relevant experts said that playing computer puzzle games can not improve intelligence. Too many people are enthusiastic about playing computer puzzle games because they are both fun and intellectual. However, researchers have found that there is no essential difference between computer puzzle gamesContinue Reading

锘? Tai Chi Chuan’s practice and regulation In the martial arts world, there have been people who put forward the “useless theory of routines”. They think that it is a flower shelf, and it is not useful. It is considered that only Sanshou can represent the practicality of martial arts.Continue Reading