Gynecological medicine can men eat too? Many male friends are recommended to take traditional Chinese medicine such as “Xiaoyao Pill” and “Guizhi Fuling Pill” when they are watching Chinese medicine. First of all, at this time, they couldn’t help but wonder, the medicine description was written to treat gynecological diseases!Continue Reading

Are people living together “shameful”? Regardless of whether you accept it internally or not, regardless of the level of social acceptance, as long as you pay attention to the men and women around you, you will find that we have entered the era of “cohabitation” .Center survey: 64 * 64.Continue Reading

Men quit smoking may try Chinese medicine ear acupuncture The harms of smoking are many, but it is difficult to quit smoking, because the nicotine replacement population produces a series of neuro-psychiatric symptoms, such as nervousness, nervousness, depression, distraction, restlessness, restlessness, etc., often quit smoking cessation. Clinical studies have foundContinue Reading

锘? How high is the woman’s orgasm? After the intense kiss, the lips habitually crossed the eyebrows, earlobe, neck, while the gentle hands routinely walked up and down the body. Slowly, the climax came. The next time, it is accurate, and it is a wide range of search in theContinue Reading