European and American stock markets have leaked Dow stocks fell more than a thousand points in the intraday A shares can still stand? For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!   New coronaviruses continue to rag aroundContinue Reading

Dongjiang Environmental (002672) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Performance is Less Than Expected and Future Growth Guaranteed The company’s performance in the first three quarters fell short of expectations. The harmless business is growing rapidly, and the cost impacts the performance improvement during the period. Adequate project reserves and favorable policiesContinue Reading

Pay attention to lose weight Snoring, commonly known as snoring. In fact, many people will fight when they sleep, but some elderly people should be vigilant when they continue to make a loud noise during sleep.   In fact, the elderly are screaming when they sleep, and they are related toContinue Reading

Four Psychological Interests in Interpersonal Communication The first-effect effect The first-effect effect transmits to people in interpersonal communication and is a more important term in communicative psychology. The first impression that people leave in people’s interactions is formed and overlapped in the other person’s mind. This effect is called theContinue Reading

Comprehensive decoding of marine vegetables Recently, a new type of food-“Marine Vegetables” has been circulating among high-end people. It is reported that this kind of marine vegetables has become a health care product that officials mainly in Shandong are willing to taste, and it has also become a new favoriteContinue Reading

Woman unhappy with five heart knots Many women lament that being a woman is difficult and being a woman is tiring, but have you ever wondered: how much worry is meaningful? How much worry is self-binding?   It is better to be cranky than to improve yourself. Many women often doubtContinue Reading

锘? Balanced diet symptomatic nourishing Old people love to use Chinese herbal medicine to make up, young people love to use vitamins to make up, do we really need to make up? Physicians continue to warn everyone that it is impossible to say that various supplements can quickly increase theirContinue Reading