Top Group (601689) annual report performance preview comment: Q4 performance improvement Tesla supporting promotion into a growth point Event: The company expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 20194. 51? 5. 41 trillion, down 28 a year. 18%? 40. 13%.   Opinion: Q4 performance improvement 1) The decline inContinue Reading

The most powerful seven-type slimming yoga in history 1. Half-moon style ① Stand upright, feet close together, knees close, arms straight up and raised.   ② Make a fist with both hands and bend your body to the right.   ③ Keep breathing for 2-3 times, repeat while changing sides.   2, halfContinue Reading

Whole grains are good for diabetes Substituting coarse and coarse grains for some diabetic patients to help control blood sugar in diabetes In recent years, studies have shown that the change in postprandial blood glucose after eating coarse and coarse grains and mixed beans is generally smaller than that ofContinue Reading

Thin people are the easiest to get six diseases Modern people are always worried that their bodies are overweight, and that being too thin is not a good thing. The following are six diseases that should be kept vigilant when the body is too thin. Anemia: Excessive weight loss isContinue Reading

Research Finds: Green Tea, Coffee Reduce Stroke Risk According to Kyodo News, research results released by the research group of the National Cancer Research Center (Tokyo) and the National Circulatory Disease Research Center (Osaka) recently showed that the proportion of people who often have green tea or coffee and non-intervention,Continue Reading

锘? Work life fatigue adjustment method Excessive psychological fatigue is tantamount to overdraft of life. To prevent and relieve mental fatigue, we should work hard from the following aspects: First, we must pay attention to the combination of work and rest. Work should be reasonably arranged and prioritized, life shouldContinue Reading