30-year-old man’s abnormal psychology! It is a terrible thing to be thirty. This unlucky thing finally made me run into it.   When people reach thirty, I think the most important thing is self-reflection. The result of introspection is that, compared with the ranking ten years ago, I have fallen andContinue Reading

The seven effects of eating kelp for longevity Among many praises, “longevity dishes” should be the highest praise for vegetables. Kelp, this kind of food that often appears on the table, has been called the title since ancient times. What’s so special about it?   Kelp is salty, cold, and entersContinue Reading

What kind of woman “red apricot out of the wall”? Dr. Will and a men’s health magazine selected three wives for investigation and testing. One was a housewife who was at home with her husband, and the other was a model and a third painter. They tested their marriage faithfulness.Continue Reading

Ancient Aphrodisiac Drugs 1. Shenlongdan prescription: ginseng, velvet antler, musk, tiger whip, seal whip, deer whip, toad, Epimedium, Morinda, etc.   Method, usage: wait for two formulas, refine into pills, twice a day, 1-2 pills / time, warm water delivery.   Function: Warm kidney and aphrodisiac (Boufang Zhibao) 2, Changyin Recipe: Cistanche,Continue Reading

Spring food, leek, all ages Amaranth is a familiar vegetable. It is a perennial herb of the family Liliaceae. It can be eaten all year round, but it is best in spring. The leeks listed in the early spring are called spring sorghum, fresh and fragrant. The scutellaria, which isContinue Reading

锘? Balanced exercise fattening coup Thin girls want to gain weight, but they don’t know how to increase fat to increase fat. It is very simple for a thin girl to have a good figure. Let’s do a fattening exercise. The following fitness instructors will teach you how to gainContinue Reading

锘? Commonly used anti-aging Chinese herbal medicine (other tonics) In addition to qi, blood, yin, Bu Yang four health anti-debilitating drugs, there are many Chinese herbal medicines have health and anti-debilitation, longevity. Such as nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, promoting blood circulation, expanding coronary blood vessels, improving the microcirculationContinue Reading