How can men refuse balding When a man reaches middle age, hair is most likely to decline before aging. There are many reasons for hair loss. If you don’t want to be one of them, the most fundamental way is to take care of your hair properly.   Comb your hairContinue Reading

What’s new in summer baby skin care Baby’s skin has low sebum secretion, thin skin is easy to be injured, the skin’s ability to maintain PH balance is weak, the skin is easier to dry, and the ability to resist ultraviolet rays is poor. Especially in summer, the baby’s chanceContinue Reading

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锘? Vegetables that are easy to cause “poisoning” Green Bean The most common is the uncooked green beans, which contain saponins and are poisoned when eaten. 銆€銆€椴滆殨璞嗐€€銆€椴滆殨璞嗕篃涓嶅彲灏忚锛屾湁鐨勪汉浣撳唴缂哄皯鏌愮閰讹紝椋熺敤椴滆殨璞嗗悗浼氬紩璧疯繃鏁忔€ф憾琛€缁煎悎鐥囷紝鍗冲叏韬箯鍔涖€佽传琛€銆侀粍鐤搞€佽倽鑲垮ぇ銆佸憰鍚愩€佸彂鐑瓑锛岃嫢涓嶅強鏃舵姠鏁慦ill die from extreme anemia. 銆€銆€The needle lily is followed by the day lily, and its toxic substance colchicine enters the human body, whichContinue Reading

锘? Chinese medicine gives a sleep to POSE Chinese medicine has the saying that “nothing is painful”, a good sleep posture, to ensure the passage of the airway around the body, smooth blood, can regulate the spirit, raise the veins, eliminate fatigue, nourish the spirit. “Our ancestors have always beenContinue Reading