Woman unhappy with five heart knots Many women lament that being a woman is difficult and being a woman is tiring, but have you ever wondered: how much worry is meaningful? How much worry is self-binding?   It is better to be cranky than to improve yourself. Many women often doubtContinue Reading

Spring food, leek, all ages Amaranth is a familiar vegetable. It is a perennial herb of the family Liliaceae. It can be eaten all year round, but it is best in spring. The leeks listed in the early spring are called spring sorghum, fresh and fragrant. The scutellaria, which isContinue Reading

What kind of tea is healthy in spring? In the spring, the weather is warm and cold, and it is better to use the fragrant tea with rich aroma. It is beneficial to distribute the cold evil accumulated in the body in winter and promote the growth of human yang.Continue Reading

The uniqueness of acupuncture weight loss The amount of subcutaneous sputum in different parts of the human body is different. Some middle-aged men have subcutaneous feces in the abdomen, while some women’s minors often accumulate in the abdomen, chest and thighs, but some parts of the area are not reducedContinue Reading

It’s not good to go hungry When you are full and sleep, the food supplement time stays in the stomach, which will promote the secretion of gastric juice, which can cause stomach ulcers for a long time.   Many white-collar workers are working late at night, but too many people willContinue Reading

Research Finds: Green Tea, Coffee Reduce Stroke Risk According to Kyodo News, research results released by the research group of the National Cancer Research Center (Tokyo) and the National Circulatory Disease Research Center (Osaka) recently showed that the proportion of people who often have green tea or coffee and non-intervention,Continue Reading