_1 Several health porridges that nourish yin and yang In winter, there is a saying of drinking Laba porridge. Its raw materials are mainly rice, beans, dried fruits and nuts. From the perspective of modern nutrition: beans contain a lot of high-quality plant protein, while dried fruits condense the nutrientsContinue Reading

What to do if the child draws a “map” on his tongue Why do children have “map tongue”? Map tongue is a common symptom in children 3-5 years old. Most children with map tongues are relatively obese. The tongue itself is generally not very painful, but some children are oftenContinue Reading

Men’s kidney and aphrodisiac 10 diet recipes Always think that she is the “strong” in sex life; always think that she can give her a more “sexual blessing” life . But at home, physical problems will inevitably occur, and kidney deficiency can be said. So what should I do ifContinue Reading

Tiger Brand Product Concept Tiger standard products have unique formulas, choose herbal extracts, are safe and effective, and provide people with health and happiness. We sincerely hope that everyone will fully enjoy an active and healthy life and stay away from the pain and intervention of temporary prevention.   Relying onContinue Reading

The seven effects of eating kelp for longevity Among many praises, “longevity dishes” should be the highest praise for vegetables. Kelp, this kind of food that often appears on the table, has been called the title since ancient times. What’s so special about it?   Kelp is salty, cold, and entersContinue Reading

Comprehensive decoding of marine vegetables Recently, a new type of food-“Marine Vegetables” has been circulating among high-end people. It is reported that this kind of marine vegetables has become a health care product that officials mainly in Shandong are willing to taste, and it has also become a new favoriteContinue Reading

Stress can make you younger and younger How to delay the aging of life and keep life alive under the “erosion” of time is the common dream of human beings for thousands of years. From the ancient medical doctor Fang Shi struggling for anti-aging methods to modern medicine, to theContinue Reading

Cupping can treat back pain What about back pain? This may try cupping. Cupping is a method commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. It can not only qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and fever, but also has the function of adjusting the yinContinue Reading