Food Aspirin-Black Fungus

Food Aspirin-Black Fungus

Black fungus can prevent hypertension from depositing and coagulating on blood vessels, and it has a better complication effect on arteriosclerosis.

Because of its anti-platelet aggregation effect, it is equivalent to enteric-coated aspirin, so it is called “food aspirin”.

  Some investigations have shown that people with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia can reduce the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction by 1/3 if they eat 3 grams of black fungus (dry) cooking instead of cooking.

The colloid in the fungus can put the residue in the dust inside the human digestive system, and the impurities are absorbed and discharged out of the body. It also has a significant resolving effect on endogenous foreign bodies such as gallstones and kidney stones, which helps to clear the stomach, Treatment of habitual constipation.

In addition, regular consumption of black fungus can prevent cancer.

  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, black fungus is flat and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, moistening lungs and cough, and promoting blood circulation and anti-cancer effects.

However, patients with thrombocytopenic purpura and anticoagulant drugs are not suitable for consumption, and pregnant women should not eat more.

  Recommended food method: Stir-fried lean meat with black fungus and carrot Ingredients: 10 grams of black fungus (dried), one carrot, 150 grams of lean meat; appropriate amount of oil and salt, raw soy sauce and raw powder seasonings.

  Method: Soak black fungus in advance, rinse with boiling water after washing, peel and cut carrots, thin slices or shreds of lean meat, marinate with a small amount of oil, salt, raw soy sauce and raw powder, and reserve;First stir-fry the black fungus and carrot shreds until they reach maturity. Then stir-fry the lean meat until it is ripe. Pour the black fungus and carrot shreds into the exchange for a while and season.