Be careful with the color of your home to your life!


Be careful with the color of your home to your life!

All the dark blue in the home, for a long time, the home will invisibly produce sullen, all negative, and the family is also owed to peace.

銆€銆€There are many purple paints in the home, although it can be said that the purple gas is full of fragrance, but the red series that is replaced by purple, invisibly gives a glare color, which makes the people’s hearts at home feel a helpless feeling.

銆€銆€The paint in the home is pink, most of the murderous colors, pink is easy to make people feel irritated, prone to squabble, disputes, and quarrels happen; especially the newlyweds, in order to adjust the atmosphere of the sire, in the eyes of Mrs.There is a lot of romantic, but the tone of the transition is not reconciled. After the reunification, the two people will have an inexplicable heart, easy to quarrel for the sesame, and finally go to the divorce and return to the road. Today’s social divorce rate is so big.Amazing, some factors also account for a lot, so designers should pay attention to, it is best not to use this color, otherwise the color will also cause neuropathy.

銆€銆€The paint in the home is more green, and it is also expected that the will of the home will gradually become depressed. It is not generally said that the eyes should be more green. In fact, green refers to the green of nature, not to artificially green, so it will inevitably result inThe interior is dead and lifeless.

銆€銆€In the home, there are many red paints. The Chinese always think that red is auspicious, but Korean folks are represented by red cloth in the dead. These are just human customs, but the red series is too heavy, and the burden on the eyes is too heavy.It makes people’s moods easy and violent. Therefore, red can only be used as a part of the color of the match. It can’t be used as the theme color, but the Buddha statue is different from the home.

銆€銆€There are many yellow paints in the home, and the mood is sorrowful and annoying. There is a kind of shock and worry that can’t be said, so the brain nerve consciousness is full of multi-layered hallucinations, and some neuropathic people are most afraid of this color.

銆€銆€The home is more orange and red, although it is full of freshness and warm feeling, but too much orange will make people feel bored.

銆€銆€The color of the home is best milky white, ivory, white, these three colors and human visual nerves are most suitable, because the sun is a white series, representing the light, the human heart.

Eyes must also be bright to reconcile, and the white series in the home is best equipped with furniture, and the white series is also a hope.

銆€銆€The wood color is the best color!

The primary color of wood makes people inspiration and wisdom, especially in the study room. It is best to use wood primary colors as much as possible. In short, the various shades should not be too much, just the right principle.