Cupping can treat back pain

Cupping can treat back pain

What about back pain?

This may try cupping. Cupping is a method commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. It can not only qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and fever, but also has the function of adjusting the yin and yang balance of the human body, reducing fatigue and enhancing physical fitness.

  People who work at their desks and work with computers are more likely to have back pain.

This is mainly because these people take a posture to shorten the time at work, causing excessive fatigue, tension or strain of some muscles. Over time, it will inevitably cause back pain.

Coldness is another cause of back pain. Fans blow in the summer, air conditioning, and cold wind blows into the neck in autumn and winter. Back pain can cause back pain.

  What about back pain?

After working for 40 minutes to 1 hour, you should get up and move around, stretch over, bend over, and do exercises like a student, you can relieve muscle fatigue and relieve pain.

For back pain, activities can only take preventive action. Once the back pain starts, activities often cannot solve the underlying problem, and treatment should be performed at this time.

Cupping and walking are the simplest and most effective way.

  Cupping is a method commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. This therapy can eliminate cold and dampness, dredge the meridians, remove stasis, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and fever, and adjust the balance of yin and yang of the human body.The role of fatigue, enhance physical function, so as to achieve the purpose of recuperating and eliminating evil, curing diseases.

Many diseases can be treated with cupping therapy.

For patients with back pain, the pain can be greatly relieved by carrying out cupping on the back spine lesions and cupping the pain points.

  Generally, glass cans can be used for cupping. Even canned bottles at home can also be used for cupping. Rubber cans can also be used, but can’t be removed.

When cupping, generally use one hand to hold the jar and the other to hold the fired probe. After shaking the fired probe in the jar for a few times, pull it out, place the jar on the area to be treated quickly, and then gentlyGently pull the cup to see if it is pulled.

Care should be taken when cupping: do not wipe the alcohol on the mouth of the jar, and do not drip the alcohol on the skin of the patient, otherwise, the patient will be burned and some accidents will occur.

  Taking the jar means that after the jar is pulled out, grasp the jar with one or two hands, lift it slightly, and push and pull the jar to move on the patient’s skin.

Can move in one direction or back and forth.

Tank walking does not act on one acupoint, or even on several acupoints, a part or a section of meridians, such as the spine of the back itself, which is often the site of tank walking.

When walking the tank, please pay attention to: before walking the tank, apply some grease, such as glycerin, paraffin oil, scraping oil, etc. on the part or the mouth of the tank to prevent the skin from being injured when walking.

In addition to canning can be used to treat back pain and coldness, it can also be used for dizziness and cold treatment.

  When cupping, patients generally adopt a prone position to facilitate cupping treatment at the rear.

If you encounter high blood pressure, blood disease, skin disease and skin damage, people with mental illness or neuroticism, tuberculosis and various infectious diseases, various fractures, extreme weakness, pregnant women or women’s menstrual periods, fullness, excess, thirst,Drunk, etc., should be supplemented or used with caution.

  Pay attention when cupping: 1.

Keep warm.

When you are cupping, you must take off your clothes before you can treat, so you should avoid direct wind during treatment to prevent cold and keep the temperature in the room.


Avoid burns.

Do not leave burning alcohol on the patient. Excessive jars should be replaced frequently.


Unsuitable areas include skin damage, skin scars, and excess skin or bone protrusions.


At the same time, it cannot be pulled out daily.

Do not do cupping until the markings on the cupping have subsided.


When cupping a patient, the patient’s condition should be carefully observed, and if there is a case such as halo, it should be handled in a timely manner.

Back pain and fatigue syndrome can all be treated with cupping therapy. The method is alternative, simple to operate, easy to master, and can be applied at home with a little practice, and the effect is better.