[How to eat Gastrodia nourishing brain]_Recommended diet

[How to eat Gastrodia nourishing brain]_Recommended diet

Gastrodia is a common Chinese medicine, which has medicinal value, and also has the effect of food therapy, especially for relieving headaches and nourishing the brain.

Tianma tonic soup, also known as Tianma tonic soup, can play a very good role in alleviating children’s learning pressure and promoting children’s learning efficiency. Let’s take a look at this content.

Prepare one Gastrodia elata, one old hen, six walnuts, 30 wolfberries, one ginger, one spoon of wine, one spoon of pepper, and three spoons of salt.

First clean the old hen, soak the gastrodia elata in water, and cut the gastrodiae into pieces after soaking. Be careful not to throw away the water soaking the gastrodia elata.

After the chicken is cleaned, boil water, boil the water, then put the old hen into the pot, then simmer the water and scoop out the blood, so that the chicken is more delicious when it is eaten.

After the old hen simmers, put it in the pressure cooker.

Then add ginger slices, add enough water at one time, add cooking wine, add gastrodia and walnuts, then boil over high heat, simmer for about 20 minutes, cool naturally, add wolfberry, add some salt, and then add pepper.Season and cook for about ten minutes, so that the nutrients of Gastrodia elata and the old hen are fully released into the soup.

The above briefly understands how to eat Gastrodia to supplement the brain. Gastrodia is a common Chinese medicine. It has a very good effect in preventing dizziness and nerve weakness. For children, making soup with Gastrodia is a good supplement.The role of the brain can improve children’s memory and anti-fatigue effect. It can play a good role in alleviating children’s stressful learning pressure and improving learning efficiency.