Those who will be healthy, lotus root must not eat less!


But 2 big taboos have to be avoided

Those who will be healthy, lotus root must not eat less!
But 2 big taboos have to be avoided

The lotus roots in India have been widely cultivated in China, and the Chinese people have already discovered the benefits of lotus roots.

The slightly sweet and crisp lotus root is a kind of food that is suitable for both young and old, but our advantage for lotus root is estimated to be different from cooking. Let’s learn about the specific benefits of lotus root.

Benefits one, lowering the blood, cooling the lotus roots, cold, raw food can have a good cooling blood effect, has a considerable effect on the heat disease, if you get angry because of blood heat, may wish to eat more lotus root.

In addition, for nosebleeds or hemoptysis, lotus roots have a better effect.

The second advantage is that the mucus protein and supplement fiber contained in Jianwei Zhixie Lotus can promote the digestive function of the human body.

The special fragrance of lotus root contains a solid substance, which can promote appetite and has a good antidiarrheal effect on diarrhea.

The third advantage is that the blood-stimulating muscle iron is a hematopoietic raw material, and the calcium ion is a relatively large amount of daily demand for the human body. The two are rich in lotus root, so eating lotus root can make the blood fully supplemented, calcium ionHow much determines the degree of muscle contraction, so if there is a lack of calcium ions, people will become weak, and lotus roots can supplement calcium ions very well.

The fourth advantage is that the fat loss and weight loss are still rich in trace elements of lotus root, but its trace content is very low, and it has a full sense of satiety, so obese people can eat lotus roots to reduce the trace content, and the weight will be long-lasting.Naturally reduced, while lowering adults help protect the cardiovascular and prevent some chronic diseases.

Although the restaurant has a lot of benefits, it also has its own contraindications. If you don’t pay attention, it can easily lead to serious consequences. Some people should avoid it.

Taboo, diet, although lotus root has a good stomach to help digestion, but if you eat with chrysanthemum, it is likely to cause discomfort for a long time, so the consumption of lotus root also needs to pay attention to match.

Taboo 2, when cooking cooking lotus roots, avoid contact with iron cooking utensils, mainly to prevent the substances in the lotus roots from being induced by the iron utensils, resulting in food blackening.

In addition, if the cut lotus roots should be covered with plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator for preservation.

Although lotus root is also contraindicated, it will not affect our consumption of lotus root. We only need to know more about lotus root in peacetime, we can better avoid its misunderstanding, and we can use it better.