What kind of whitening can I use to wash my face?

These 5 kinds of washed face, skin, white and red

What kind of whitening can I use to wash my face?
These 5 kinds of water wash your skin

Whitening is a long-term job. Even if you have a good background, you may not be able to withstand the years of aging.

How do I wash my face to whiten it?

The following 5 ways to wash your face can make your fair skin look attractive.

  1. Pure face washing The bottle of pure water (500ml) commonly sold on the market is less than 2 yuan. Wash your face with pure water a week 3?
4 times, and often use cotton pads to apply this water to cover the face, the face can naturally turn white.

  2, lemon water wash face lemon can maintain vitamin C, antioxidant and whitening.

You can add lemonade when washing your face to wash your face directly, or you can drip lemon on a cotton pad and pat your face to absorb it.

  3. Green Tea Washing Face Green tea contains tea polyphenols, which can effectively prevent oxidation, can prevent free radical damage to cells, and can promote the growth of skin cells.

After cleansing, pat the tea lightly on the face, or use a cotton pad moistened with tea on the face 2?
3 minutes, rinse with water.

  4, vitamin C wash your face Oral vitamin C is not as good as washing directly with vitamin C and restart.

Take 1 when washing your face?
2 vitamin C tablets were crushed and added.

Wash once in the morning and evening, the effect is significant.

  5, white vinegar glycerin washing white vinegar, glycerin can effectively break down the melanin precipitation, restore skin fairness and rosy.

Mix white vinegar with glycerin at a ratio of 5: 1, and wash your face with this water every morning. It should not be replaced too much, once a day.

After one month, it will help the skin to be smooth, fair, delicate and elastic.