The most important details of the full sun protection strategy_1

The most important details of the full sun protection strategy

The ultraviolet rays in summer are like a scared witch. Her skinny hands are slightly open, holding your fairness and beauty tightly and taking them away.

If you want to keep your skin pleasant in the summer, you must find sunscreen tricks to deal with UV rays.

Now, let ‘s teach you practical sun protection strategies in summer, but you must remember that details of sun protection must not be ignored!

  Strategy 1. Choosing the right sunscreen. For sun protection to be effective, you must first choose the right sunscreen product. If you don’t choose the right sunscreen, your sunscreen work will naturally fail.

  Do not think that the higher the SPF value, the better the sun protection index should be according to the occasion of use, but also refer to the SPF index (protection from ultraviolet and ultraviolet rays) and the PA index (protection from ultraviolet and ultraviolet rays). Usually people only pay attention toIt protects against UVB, but UVA (near ultraviolet), which is ignored by everyone, is always present. It hurts the skin more than UVB. Therefore, whether sunscreen can resist UVA should also be an important factor in your choice.
In addition, the choice of sunscreen must be based on your skin type, choose different water and oil formulas to ensure absorption and sun protection effect.

  Essentially, the difference between physical sun protection and chemical sun protection also needs to be distinguished.

  Strategy 2: Strengthen the internal sun protection and UV damage to the skin can not just stay on the surface.

In addition to the skin surface phenomenon such as darkening and plaque visible to the naked eye, the damage of ultraviolet rays gradually penetrates into the skin dermis and muscle cells. Free radicals generated by ultraviolet rays can damage cell membranes, damage the natural protective barrier of cells, and accelerate melanin secretion., Causing a series of skin problems such as pigmentation, dryness and dehydration, and wrinkles.

  If you want to resist the sun from the skin, taking natural antioxidants orally is a good helper. Typical natural vitamin E, natural vitamin C, etc., especially natural vitamin E, it is a fat-soluble antioxidant in the human body, which can protect cell membranes from disease.The oxidative damage of the base, thereby inhibiting the formation of plaques and melanin, help the beauty beauty freckle and beauty, and delay aging.

  Strategy 3, the ultraviolet rays in the sun which are essential to repair after sun is the biggest killer of female beauty. The wounds that it brings to the skin will accumulate inside the skin, no matter if you have a noticeable sunburn or have experienced a day of outdoorActivities, home, you should do the necessary post-sun repair on the skin.

The purpose of repair is mainly to add water, anti-inflammatory, and restore cell metabolism. In addition to conventional sun-repair skin care products, you can also use aloe, milk, and natural vitamin E to make a post-sun repair mask, which is simple and effective.

  Strategy 4: Food Sunscreen Eat more fruits and vegetables, kiwi, strawberry, tomato, orange, cabbage, etc. that suppress pigmentation and whiten the skin in summer.

In addition, eat more tomatoes can also protect against sun.

On the contrary, eat less sensitive vegetables such as celery, parsley, white radish, etc. this season, because these vegetables will make the skin that has plaques more prone to plaques.

  Eye sun protection 1.

Can facial sunscreen be applied around the eyes?

What will happen?


The moisturizing ingredients in facial sunscreens may cause unsightly grains on the eye skin or sensitive eyes.

It is not recommended that you apply facial sunscreen around your eyes.


Can wearing sunglasses replace sun eye protection?

Sunglasses can only block some UV rays, but UVA that causes skin aging cannot be blocked. It is best to use sunscreen with sunglasses.


Do I need to apply other eye cream when applying sunscreen?

  of course!

Eye sunscreen is just a protective garment for the skin.

It’s the same as if you apply the essence, and then use sunscreen at the end.

Eye care also requires such procedures.

  Sun protection on lips 1.

What kind of damage does UV rays have on the lips?

  The skin on the lips is actually only mucous membrane tissue, so it is more delicate than the face and eyes.

Ultraviolet radiation can cause hydration, dryness, peeling, and even darkening of the lips.

Don’t miss out on the lips during sun protection.

Is the protection of the lip products of SPF15 enough if I stay outdoors for a long time?  If you are staying in the hot outdoor for a long time, it is obviously not enough to keep SPF15 for one day.

According to the needs of each person and the strength of the ultraviolet rays, we recommend applying at least once every 2 hours, and if necessary, every hour.

  Hair sun protection 1.

Does hair really need sun protection?

  To some extent, sunlight is very good for hair.

But intense or persistent sunlight, hair is fragile, breakable, rough, and cause serious discoloration.

Especially for dyed hair, it is a very lethal color killer.

When do I need sun protection for my hair?

  Sunlight, sea breeze, and seawater can damage the hair texture, damage the keratin of the hair, and the hair scales of the protective layer of the hair, causing dehydration, making the hair lose its luster and become brittle.

Does hair sunscreen need to be reapplied?

  If conditions permit, of course, the top-up is ideal.