Should you ask for personal training

Should you ask for personal training

The first is what is the role of a personal trainer?

  The biggest role of a personal trainer is to enable you to exercise scientifically and avoid fitness injuries.

  Sports is a double-edged sword. Many new club members can take two free coaching courses. After the two free courses, if you want full-time coaching, you need another one.

From a health perspective, it is definitely good to ask a personal trainer, but you still have to consider your own financial conditions and other factors before you decide.

  Many people talk about the benefits of fitness, but in fact, fitness is also a double-edged sword.

Reasonable, scientific, and safe exercise is good for people, otherwise it is a kind of harm to the body.

For example, squat, if the body’s center of gravity is not in a vertical line, the lumbar spine and thoracic spine may be injured.

When doing barbell squats, there are too many people who can’t stand up because of lack of strength. At this time, many people will naturally arch a waist and throw the barbell from the top of their heads.

This is very dangerous!

Neck and waist are particularly vulnerable.

If there is a personal trainer nearby, it will be much safer.

  Instead of losing muscle, blind exercise everyone knows that aerobic exercise is very effective in weight loss. Aerobic exercise is generally easier to get started, so is it necessary to ask a personal trainer?

The main purpose of asking a personal trainer during aerobic exercise is to let the coach help you adjust your nutrition mix and develop a fitness plan that suits you.

This can reduce the effect of half the effort with the accident, and maintain a balance between the displacement consumed by the exercise and the energy absorbed by the day-to-day exercise. The diet and exercise do not need to be adjusted. These need to be measured by the coach.

What is the daily replenishment?

How much trace is consumed every day and so on.

If you can’t maintain balance, you will lose weight by increasing intensity and reducing light intake.

Some people think that eating less and exercising more can reduce fat, but you don’t know that you may be more muscle than your aunt.

  Then you need to understand that the personal trainer is also sophisticated. The personal trainer you hired is phased or oriented or instructive, training three times a week, 12 times a month, in order to achieve a certain effect, buy a personal training.Cycle of lessons.

Indeed, the cost of personal education may far exceed the cost of a fitness card.

If you buy an instructional or phased course, you will spend less.

For example, you can choose six classes of targeted knowledge popularization, each class is 100-200 yuan.

Most people can afford this money.

This can lay a foundation, and then ask a personal trainer when you encounter other problems in the future.

  Ask your personal trainer to save money. You bought 10 lessons by yourself. You could finish the course in one month. You can take two lessons in one week and take the lessons in one week. You can practice for the rest of the time.

This will not only save money, but also the exercise effect.

For most people, there is no need to ask for private education over the years.