Vegetables should be consumed at different times Vegetables contain a large amount of cellulose, which has a good laxative effect on the human body and can reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer. Chinese medicine believes that people of different physical types should choose different fresh vegetables. The following briefly introducesContinue Reading

Gynecological medicine can men eat too? Many male friends are recommended to take traditional Chinese medicine such as “Xiaoyao Pill” and “Guizhi Fuling Pill” when they are watching Chinese medicine. First of all, at this time, they couldn’t help but wonder, the medicine description was written to treat gynecological diseases!Continue Reading

Four Psychological Interests in Interpersonal Communication The first-effect effect The first-effect effect transmits to people in interpersonal communication and is a more important term in communicative psychology. The first impression that people leave in people’s interactions is formed and overlapped in the other person’s mind. This effect is called theContinue Reading

Four step professional weight loss exercise 1. At the beginning of the plan, you can take a walk for 20 minutes every day, and then gradually increase the amount. The second week is 25 minutes. The third week is increased to 30 minutes. In the fourth week, you may increaseContinue Reading

_1 Several health porridges that nourish yin and yang In winter, there is a saying of drinking Laba porridge. Its raw materials are mainly rice, beans, dried fruits and nuts. From the perspective of modern nutrition: beans contain a lot of high-quality plant protein, while dried fruits condense the nutrientsContinue Reading

What to do if the child draws a “map” on his tongue Why do children have “map tongue”? Map tongue is a common symptom in children 3-5 years old. Most children with map tongues are relatively obese. The tongue itself is generally not very painful, but some children are oftenContinue Reading