People who do n’t live together are shameful-

Are people living together “shameful”?

Regardless of whether you accept it internally or not, regardless of the level of social acceptance, as long as you pay attention to the men and women around you, you will find that we have entered the era of “cohabitation” .Center survey: 64 * 64.
8% believe that cohabitation is a personal lifestyle choice, of which college students account for 26%.
     * 59.
4% of people can accept unmarried cohabitation, and 14.14 are neutral.
2%, women are more likely to accept this phenomenon than men, accounting for 43%.
     * Only 18.
2% believe that cohabitation is due to housing constraints and financial difficulties.
     * 39.
2% of the respondents thought that cohabitation before marriage was necessary, 51% were male and 49% were female.
     * 22% believe that cohabitation is not good for marriage.
     *twenty three.
5% of people think that cohabitation is unwilling to take responsibility, and 34% of people think that they are getting rid of marriage constraints, 22.
4% thought it was a trial marriage, and 20.
1% thought it was a psychological and physical need.
  * 47% believe that co-living as a free lifestyle gives people more choices and more space, and high-paying people account for 18%.
     * 73.
5% of students and 66.
2% of freelancers hold the above attitude.
     * 65.
6% of people believe that traditional marriage is still the ideal form of marriage.
     * Each male and female believe that traditional marriage is already ideal 49.
2%, 50.
     The survey shows that most people already consider cohabitation as a personal lifestyle choice, and treat this social phenomenon with a more open mind, and girls are more open than young men.
However, no matter how trendy people’s thoughts are, and no matter how disagreeable they are about cohabitation, and even think that it is a good way of life, people still want to live a traditional marriage.
Legal marriage is more stable after all.
  Men and women, women and men, the world is sometimes too simple to think about, their topics begin with them, and their topics end with them.
     This is just a post-dinner chat of the three women, and I have no intention of plugging in. They are very glad that I sat next to them and said that I needed “enlightenment education” too much, but through their conversation, I really found that the human ecological ecology isIn the vicissitudes of the sea, many changes have taken place.
  Cohabitation: Choices of Confusion and Confusion Afang: Good girl who is new to society, I believe that there is true love in the world.
     When I was in college, a good friend who shared the dormitory with me started not staying home at night. Everyone thought she lived in Beijing’s sister’s house. Only I knew she moved to her boyfriend.
     One day, she inadvertently said to me, “Do you think we live together?
“I froze, because this topic is usually avoided.
Then I thought about it for a few seconds, and said something ambiguous: “If you think this is good, what is wrong?
“Now thinking of that clever answer makes me regret it.
Since that day, she has been inexplicably better off with another girl who lives with her boyfriend, and I’m confused by this change.
  After graduation, I gradually understood why my good friend alienated me. When she lived with her boyfriend, she felt that this was wrong, but she hoped that someone would understand her.
However, I, her good friend, did not stand by her side, but perfuncatively spoke the same words without forcing her to find another friend, a friend who supported her in action.
  In fact, cohabitants are sensitive and idealistic, and they care about other people’s views. Although they seem to have no need to look back, they are still confused about this choice.     Cohabitation: Leave a retreat for marriage Gillian: It can be said that this is a woman who will make everyone who sees her-whether men or women will be heartbeat, showing a suffocating beauty in her, sitting on herIn front of me, I actually forgot myself.

  In my life there was an unforgettable past, but I struggled in it for six years.

In the face of marriage, I used to naively think that choosing a partner would be happy if I find someone who loves me more than I love. At that time, it was not much. I just felt that I was mature enough to grasp my own life course.After walking the road of life, I closed my eyes happily and set foot on the red carpet, but when I really “boarded”, I found that too many situations need to be dealt with realistically.

  As an independent person, I am struggling to work hard for my ideal, and I need to prove my existence value in success.

But one day when I finally returned home with the joy of success, I found that my marriage bed was no longer clean, and there was no longer my place there: the combination of a coward and a slut was completely shatteredIt made my fantasy about marriage.

After struggling too much, I reestablished myself.

  Looking back now, I do n’t think it ‘s actually the fault of a man. A man often encounters a depression in front of a woman who needs to look up. He needs to release this emotion in various ways at the appropriate time.They choose the first way.

At the same time, as a woman, living with someone you don’t admire, there will always be a potential opposition force in your heart.

Today I finally found my true love, and I have been able to face everything calmly.

  I am living with a foreign friend now. He is the kind of man who has the appearance of Eastwood. Although he is no longer young, in front of him I feel loved, appreciated, cared for, and truly becomeA “complete woman”, I hope we can walk with our hands together.

  Cohabitation: From ease to heavy fruit: After a bright spring-like smile, you can’t ignore her keen gaze and absolute independent thinking ability.

     More and more men and women around them choose to live together, which means that more and more men and women give up marriage.

    Just living together and not getting married basically requires love. Both parties live together for love, and because they have true and pure love, they offset the marriage in the world.

    The best example of this emotional model is the famous foreign philosopher Sartre and the famous female writer Simon?


The love they never married in their lives has made some men and women around me envious.

  But in this world, talking about love is the hardest topic.

Ten thousand people have some kind of understanding of love.

I always think that love is a very mysterious thing, and when integrated into real life, it becomes a marriage, that is, living, and floating in the air, it becomes a mirage, a romantic fairy tale.

What form of love is used to consolidate love?

  To some extent, choosing unmarried cohabitation has become a way to ensure the quality of love in the eyes of some men and women.

However, have we ever thought that love is a delicate flower that requires careful care and patient cultivation.

Cohabiting men and women often open up and give up a relationship at will because they can release the bond too easily.

  After experiencing the vicissitudes of life, how many people looked back, lamenting that the relationship that had not been carefully forged has finally passed by with the true love.

    How much value is a relationship?

Love and cohabitation do not prove the problem. A cautious marriage will just become a scale to consider this relationship.

  The story of others is still going on, Gillian will return to Hong Kong to meet her “Eastwood” soon; Alan is still convinced of her good wishes; Fruit is lively and calmly lives her single.Noble life; I curled up hibernating alone in the corner of a person.