How high is the woman’s orgasm?

How high is the woman’s orgasm?

After the intense kiss, the lips habitually crossed the eyebrows, earlobe, neck, while the gentle hands routinely walked up and down the body. Slowly, the climax came.

The next time, it is accurate, and it is a wide range of search in the lover, and you will always encounter the key switch, and then you will touch it.


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Is there a shortcut that will allow both parties to enter the state quickly?

Can you hit the other side of the sorcerer?

Not every “minefield” on the body is the same, but there are indeed such ultra-sensitive areas. Once it is hit, the passion of the power is enough to make people want to die and forget the realm.

銆€銆€A young woman said that she had been married to her husband for more than five years, and her husband and wife lived in harmony.

Because they live in a relatively closed mountain city, their understanding of sexual knowledge is very limited, so they have no way of knowing whether other people’s husband and wife life is as desireful, satisfying, and satisfying as they are.

However, recently, when she was reading a book of sex, she realized that the couple had sex and the feeling of feathering and immortality, and she had never experienced this feeling.

銆€銆€Since then, every time she has sex with her husband, she is very eager to fully appreciate the taste of the orgasm described in the book. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, the orgasm she has hoped for has never come.

Later, she was even stunned by the kind of pleasure she had in the past. It was so troublesome and confused.

She wants to know how high the orgasm is?

what is the problem?

銆€銆€This is indeed a problem that many couples are confused and have no standard answer. To figure it out, you have to start from the beginning.

銆€銆€The “temporary death” of the physiological mechanism of orgasm, the classic book is described as: the orgasm is the most short-lived phase of the sexual response, which lasts only a few seconds.

It is the energy that releases sexual desire through the involuntary contraction of muscles, thus gaining a wave of pleasure.

The most sexy organ of a woman is the clitoris head, followed by the clitoris body, the labia minora, and the 1/3 outside the vagina.

銆€銆€The famous sexologist Hite in her sexual report, the feeling of female orgasm is described as: “My body feels floating, full of strength, a raging flame, strongly engulfing everything, wonderfulExtremely ecstasy is almost impossible for people to bear.

“I was extremely excited – my breathing was short – and my head became light, like in a dream world, with distant voices and time as stagnation.”

“.well, the female orgasm begins with a feeling of “suspension”, and at that moment she seems to be hanging in midair, usually l-3 seconds.

This “suspension” is equivalent to the “sustaining sensation” experienced by men before orgasm (when men can’t suppress ejaculation).

With the constant and rhythmic stimulation of the clitoris, the extremely sensitive nerves will move the spinal cord and immediately revert to the orgasm muscles in the pelvic area.

銆€銆€The “suspension” is thus spread out from the clitoris and into the pelvis.

When this happens, the woman gradually forgets everything around her, not even knowing where she is – just like the electric light with insufficient power is dimming.

Her nervous system uses most of the impulses to initiate a large burst of contraction of the muscles, thereby spreading the accumulated blood from the expanding blood vessels around the vaginal wall.

銆€銆€The disappearance of this woman’s perception made her feel out of control.

It is because of this feeling that the woman orgasm has a more absolute name – “transient death.”

For some women, especially women who experienced orgasm for the first time, this perception disappears is terrible.

At this time, if they are afraid of fear and therefore lose control and are despised by the man, then this completely normal orgasm response will be psychologically blocked, so that the climax cannot reach the maximum intensity.

銆€銆€At this stage of the orgasm, no two women responded exactly the same, although the physiological changes experienced by their bodies were similar.

Some women are very calm; some women are not jealous, they are screaming; some bow up behind, or bite things like arms, pillows, etc.

When the sense of consciousness begins to recover – but for a few seconds – almost all women feel warm, first the pelvis, then all over the body.

銆€銆€A young woman who was first married, locked her brow and said that her husband is a gentleman who knows the style and is very successful in making love every time.

However, recently, I was upset about my anomalies.

Because every time her husband “does his duty”, he will breathe with her infinite ambiguity and happiness, and she hopes that he will stay in her body and lie on her, she feels that there is still a body in her body.The rapids of interest are roaring, hoping that the husband can continue to do it once.

Therefore, she wondered if she had sexual libido and felt that she had become a lascivious woman who was not ashamed.銆€銆€In sexual life, when a woman shrinks and shrinks for the last time, her body quickly loses sexual tension, and Masters and Johnson call this stage “regression.”

If they don’t immediately recede, but return to the plateau, and repeatedly re-stimulate from the platform to the orgasm, this phenomenon is “multiple orgasm”, and every woman has this potential.

銆€銆€The multiple orgasm of women in sex is not a manifestation of sexual perversion, nor does it mean 鈥渆xcessive sexual desire鈥? 鈥渁nimal鈥?or 鈥渘on-feminine鈥?

The investigation found that some women admitted that they had the psychological burden of guilt, and they feared that this feeling would tarnish the purity and sacredness of marriage.

The problem of experiencing orgasm is a question about the couple’s disposition, sexual maturity, hobbies and choices, and the art of making love.

銆€銆€The reason why women have multiple orgasm is that there are a large number of intricate blood vessels in their pelvis, and the contraction of the one-off or high tide rarely discharges all the accumulated blood.

It can be said that after the first climax, the woman is still full of sexual motivation, and can continue to shrink and contract, without a lot of stimulation, she can re-raise the tension to the climax point again and again.

In fact, the intensity of any orgasm she experiences depends on the amount of congestion in her pelvic veins.

銆€銆€Sometimes the amount of congestion is small, the orgasm itself is low; sometimes the amount of congestion is high, and the climax reaches its peak.

It is at this time that women are very likely to experience multiple orgasms.

Sometimes due to anatomical differences, some women say that some women’s venous network is not fully developed, these women are difficult to reach the climax.

This problem seems to have disappeared after they gave birth to their first child.

Indeed, for many women who have experienced orgasm before pregnancy, post-reproduction orgasm is easier, and sometimes there is multiple orgasm for the first time.

This is the so-called “pregnancy effect.”

This may be related to increased pelvic vein energy during pregnancy, with multiple extras.

銆€銆€If the sexual excitement period and the venous congestion that is gradually accumulating in the stage are not released by orgasm, women will have irritability, a sense of failure to make love, and even severe low back pain.

For example, many women have low back pain when their sexual desires rise during menstruation and they cannot make love.

Women who often have multiple orgasms need 3-6 orgasms to completely relax the body.

銆€銆€People are ever-changing, and it is sometimes impossible to have a certain situation with a fixed standard.

How high is the orgasm?

Actually it is not a need to return.

The answer to the question, as long as it can be fully paid in the life of both sexes, so that both husband and wife are happy, can achieve this, it is enough, why should we pursue the feeling of feathering like a fairy?

dont you agree.