Pay attention to lose weight

Pay attention to lose weight

Snoring, commonly known as snoring.

In fact, many people will fight when they sleep, but some elderly people should be vigilant when they continue to make a loud noise during sleep.

  In fact, the elderly are screaming when they sleep, and they are related to obesity.

Obese people have hypertrophy of the pharyngeal wall, soft palate hypertrophy, thick uvula, widened tongue, and narrow pharyngeal cavity.

During sleep, the pharyngeal muscles are slack, the soft palate collapses, and the tongue falls back, causing the airway to be blocked, and the breathing is not smooth and snoring.

This is also a manifestation of the decline in the physiological function of the elderly.

  The sound is rhythmic, with a frequency between 50 and 100 Hz, a sound of 40-70 decibels and a maximum of 90 decibels.

Mild snoring does not affect sleep and health. In the middle and severe, the gas exchange in the alveoli is reduced, the oxygen supply is insufficient, the blood oxygen partial pressure is lowered, the red blood cells are increased, the hemoglobin is increased, and “hypererythrocytemia” occurs.

At the same time, due to apnea or suffocation, “multiple sleep hypopnea syndrome” occurs, and there are symptoms such as awakening in sleep, drowsiness, fatigue, irritability, slow thinking, and memory loss.

  Frequent snoring can also lead to “sleep-apnea syndrome.”

When a person is breathing, there is a constant flow of air in and out of the mouth and nose, and the airflow in the mouth and nose is suspended for more than 10 seconds, which is called apnea.

Normal people also experience apnea during the initial eye movement and rapid eye movement during sleep, but the pause time is extended, generally no more than 15 seconds, and the interval is not.

If the pause time exceeds 15 seconds and the number of episodes overlaps, it is prone to sudden death at night.

This is due to an expected apnea that causes a heart attack.

  Therefore, the elderly must have an awareness of snoring and should go to the hospital for an examination.

See if the tonsils are hypertrophied, or if there is no tonsil lymphoma, the operation is surgery.

For elderly people with obesity, usually eat rice, noodles, accompanied by vegetables and fruits, melon, fish, shrimp, etc., eat less greasy food.

Do not smoke or drink, the diet is light.

Smoking can directly damage the respiratory mucosa, cause complications, reduce oxygen exchange in the alveoli, reduce blood oxygen partial pressure, cause emphysema, and increase snoring.

High concentrations of hard alcohol can damage the liver, attenuate abnormal metabolism, cause increased diabetes, hardening of the arteries and micro-deposition, making the body obese and snoring worse.

  Old people should also regularly exercise moderate physical exercise, or tai chi, or go out on a picnic to maintain a good psychological state.

This can accelerate blood circulation, accelerate blood fat consumption, reduce blood lipid deposition, and achieve the purpose of weight loss.