The most powerful seven-type slimming yoga in history

The most powerful seven-type slimming yoga in history

1. Half-moon style ① Stand upright, feet close together, knees close, arms straight up and raised.

  ② Make a fist with both hands and bend your body to the right.

  ③ Keep breathing for 2-3 times, repeat while changing sides.

  2, half fish king style ① right foot straight on the floor, the left foot plate is inserted into the outside of the right thigh.

  ② Bend your right foot inward, turn your body to the left, support the ground with your left hand, and place your right hand on the upper right.

  ③ Keep your left hand around your back and grab your right thigh, looking at your left shoulder.

  3. Half-turtle style ① Kneeling on the ground, with toes close together, knees close together, arms straight up.

  ② Bend your body forward so that your abdomen and thighs are close to each other, with your forehead on the ground, your hands on the ground, and your palms folded.

  ③ Slowly lift your hands off the ground and keep your hands straight.

  4, hand-to-foot type ① stand upright, heels close together, feet close together.

The whole body naturally guards against the dual body.

  ② Bend the body forward, so that the abdomen and the thighs are close to each other, hold the heels with both hands, and put the forehead on the lower leg surface.

  5. Head-to-knee style ① Sitting cross-legged with both feet, hands hang naturally on the body ② Straighten the right foot forward, the heel is perpendicular to the ground, the body bends forward, grab the right foot with both hands, and lower your head against the thigh.

  ③ Repeat when changing sides.

  6. Anti-bench ① Sit flat on the ground with your feet forward and hold your toes with both hands.

  ② Slowly lean your back to straighten your feet.

  7, moth style ① prone on the ground, hands on the ground, under the body.

  ② Straighten your feet and straighten your toes.

Lift your right foot up.