30-year-old man’s abnormal psychology!

30-year-old man’s abnormal psychology!

It is a terrible thing to be thirty.

This unlucky thing finally made me run into it.

  When people reach thirty, I think the most important thing is self-reflection.

The result of introspection is that, compared with the ranking ten years ago, I have fallen and my lifestyle is wrong.

  But if I want to go back ten years ago and kill me, I won’t go.

Although I don’t think how good it is now, sadly, I’m used to it-it can be seen that habituation is the first step of degeneration.

  1: At the age of 20, write love poems and write notes for your girlfriend: “Are you free tonight?

“When I was thirty, I called my wife,” I’m very busy tonight.

“2: When I was twenty, I felt that I had already made a huge contribution to humanity when I was thirty.

At the age of thirty, reading books began to pay attention to the chronology of celebrities, and he likes to celebrity years, known as the year he was born.

If the number is less than 30, it is very disappointing; if it is more than 30, it is very happy; when you come to the example that you can do something at the age of 40 or 50, you feel that the Japanese are long.

  3: When I was twenty, I felt like I was a genius, and geniuses didn’t have to live too long, it was simply that the shorter the life, the better.

When he was thirty, he didn’t plan to hang himself.

Although, at this age, Shelley has drowned.

Keats had died of tuberculosis for four years.

  4: When I was twenty, I went to a painting exhibition and walked in front of a naked girl. I warned myself: This is art, and in aesthetics, Kant said, “Aesthetics has no utilitarian purpose.

In short, I’m afraid that my mind thinks about something that shouldn’t be thought of, and even more afraid that his body is playing hooligan on the spot.

At the age of thirty, she put pictures of sexy girls on the screensavers of office computers, and said slapsticks at every dining table.

  5: At the age of twenty, I felt handsome in a dirty jeans suit.

At the age of thirty, he began to iron his shirt every day, and knew soberly: first, he could no longer look handsome.

Second, he has never been handsome.

  6: At the age of 20, if you run into your current self, you will definitely get tired of it. Mother has educated him for so many years, it is a waste.

And now, I see myself 20 years ago, I will definitely feel that there is something wrong with our education.

  7: When you are twenty years old, you can buy or not buy books.

When you are thirty years old, you can buy books that you don’t buy, and buy them all at once.

Then the papers were piled on the ground, looking forward to the distinguished reader like the guests waiting to be met.

  8: At the age of 20, everyone can collect a meal for ten yuan to have a meal in a small restaurant, and don’t be afraid of getting drunk.-Because there is nothing wrong.

At the age of thirty, Baijiu stopped drinking, drinking beer, and not drinking to death-a thirty-year-old man, drunk, faint, and telling a lot of truth, is not a decent thing.

  9: At the age of 20, we call all the students “Birdman”, except for female students.

The surname of Wu is “Wu Niao” and the surname of dragon is “Dragon Bird”-this bird is pronounced the same as “bird” in Lu Zhishen’s “fade a bird out of his mouth”, which is not a good word.

When we were thirty, we called the 50-year-old woman “Miss” and Zhang Agen called “Tom”.

  10: The “Dragon Bird” like to buy ten pounds of oranges, and then eat them all one by one in front of the whole bedroom.

The current “Dragon Bird” is already a cadre at the division level. When he travels from Guangxi to Shanghai for business, he rushes to pay the bills because he is a division cadre.

When he graduated from college, “Dragon Bird” was still a boy.

Commissioner Long has divorced twice.

“Dragon Bird” had stolen 40 yuan vegetables tickets, and then put 20 vegetables tickets in the stolen wardrobe, trying to attract thieves, but as a result the thieves did not catch, the vegetables tickets were stolen again.

Director Long is now in charge of a major project worth hundreds of millions of yuan.

  11: At the age of 20, the teacher Lao Ge often talked to us about philosophy and taught us: “Sex without love is a kind of piston movement.”At the age of thirty, I heard that Lao Ge opened a Chinese restaurant in the United States.

  12: At the age of 20, you can line up with a group of fox friends and dog friends on the street at night after drinking and pee.

At the age of thirty, two friends had prostatitis.

  13: At the age of twenty, you can point out the teacher’s mistakes in public.

At the age of thirty, you can point out the wise leadership.

  14: At the age of 20, I have a broken recorder to listen to “Symphony of Destiny”: Oh!

-The devil is knocking at the door!

First lived in the throat of fate!

At the age of thirty, listen to Cui Jian: “Your little hand is cold, like your eyes .” “I’ll go to your mother’s, go to your mother’s .” 15: At the age of twenty, he weighed 120 kg.

At the age of thirty, he weighed 145 pounds.

  16: When I was twenty, I used to write ten thousand lines of poems for ten hours, using a very special kind of paper, which was taken by a classmate’s mother from the hospital and recorded the electrocardiogram.

On the back of other people’s heartbeats, there is a lot of excitement.

At the age of thirty, a computer was available, and typing was fast. Good smoke and tea served, but often he could not write a few words in an hour, like a constipated person, sitting on a gold-plated toilet.

  17: At the age of 20, enjoy two lines of poem: lead the sword into a hurry, live up to the youth.

At the age of thirty, the teenager’s head was gone, but he still often used a knife-shaver.

  18: At the age of 20, one evening, carrying my girlfriend and taking a walk on campus, suddenly an old lady and an old man rushed forward.

They each took a flashlight, took a picture of their own-a red armband, and “School Guard” then held the flashlight and shook our full length twice: “Separate and separate.

“At the age of thirty, Ihaveadream: One night, I dived back to my alma mater and met the old gentleman and old lady again. I shook them with a bright flashlight, and then ordered them:” Come up! “stand up.