Chinese medicine gives a sleep to POSE


Chinese medicine gives a sleep to POSE

Chinese medicine has the saying that “nothing is painful”, a good sleep posture, to ensure the passage of the airway around the body, smooth blood, can regulate the spirit, raise the veins, eliminate fatigue, nourish the spirit.

“Our ancestors have always been particular about sleeping.
“Sit like a bell, stand like a pine, lying like a Buddha.”

銆€銆€If you like to sleep on your back. Sleeping sketch: People who use this sleeping position are usually very tired, or have drunkenness, and they quickly enter deep sleep on their back.

At this time, the sleeper’s hands will be unconsciously placed on the chest.

銆€銆€TCM flower protection: During sleep, the part facing the middle opening is facing upwards, while the gas and body fluids are going down.

For example, when sleeping well, because the face is facing upwards, it is easy to cause snoring or coughing due to the falling of the tongue or the inflow of saliva into the trachea, and even causing qi stagnation and sudden death, which is not conducive to the operation of the lungs and blood, thereby affecting the function of the lungs.So when you sleep, you have to turn over and change your sleep position.

銆€銆€If you like to sleep on your sleep. Sleeping sketch: Sleeping like a baby, this is a pretty posture for people who are drooling during sleep.

However, if your chest is flat on the bed, a slightly boring situation may occur.

銆€銆€TCM flower protection: The biggest drawback of sleeping is the pressure on the heart.

If the time is too long, or the pressure is too heavy due to excessive reasons, it may affect the operation of the whole body, blood, discomfort, difficulty breathing.

Chinese medicine says that heart failure is caused by lack of gas, so you should first ensure that you have a good breathing state during sleep.

If you feel awkward when you are asleep, you can take a high pillow when you sleep, to ensure that your heart is smooth.

銆€銆€ If you like to sleep on your back. Sleeping sketch: It’s not a good gesture to curl up and sleep, it’s like a small shrimp, and it can also hurt your trampling.

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine protection: According to medical investigations, one out of every five Chinese people has suffered from back pain and neck pain in the past 6 months.

Poor sleeping position is the initial cause of back pain or neck pain.

When the person’s chest is straight, he feels the most comfortable. Chinese medicine believes that if the blood is not smooth, there will be a deficiency.

So whether you are sitting, standing, or even lying down, you should adjust your posture to the most comfortable level. Don’t always bend your waist.

For up to 7 or 8 hours of sleep, you should also let your body stretch and sleep.

銆€銆€If you like the pillow arm to sleep. Sleeping sketch: This is a very unconscious sleep posture, you may have a pillow to think about things before going to bed, but fell asleep unconsciously.

When I woke up, I only felt that it was not my own territory. I didn’t listen to it from the shoulder to the finger.

銆€銆€TCM flower protection: sleep with your arm and sleep for a few hours. This will directly cause the sacral nerve of the upper arm to be subjected to oppressive injury, resulting in forearm, wrist and finger paralysis.

This is the reason why Chinese medicine “the general rule is not painful, but it is not painful.”

During sleep, our blood and breathing gradually entered a stable and normal state. During sleep, the limbs were blocked by blood and blood because they were undetectable, and they quickly entered the paralysis period.

So don’t get into the habit of putting your arms behind your head.

銆€銆€If you like to sleep completely sideways. Sleeping sketch: Full sideways sleep is holding down half of the body, if you will become the side legs and legs are pressed, do not feel at first, but when it becomes a habitWhen you have a sexual sleep posture, you will have problems with stagnant blood.

銆€銆€TCM flower protection: The relevant experts investigated 2000 cases of cerebral infarction patients, and found that more than 95% of the patients completely completely sleep sideways, suppressing the habit of half body.

Such a sleeping position on the basis of arteriosclerosis itself has aggravated the blood flow disorder, especially the blood flow velocity of the complication is slowed down, and it is easy to gradually gather at the endometrial damage of the artery to form a thrombus.

In order to eliminate this hidden danger or to sit on your back from time to time, it is more appropriate to lie on your side.

銆€銆€”Thousands of gold and the road to nourish the nature” said: “Bucking on the side of the knee, benefiting people, winning and lying.”

“It is a good idea to lie on the side.”

However, the “side lying” theory refers to “half-side lying”, which guarantees the relaxation of the whole body part, the smoothness of blood and the “half-side lying” of the dirty.

People’s posture in sleep can’t be fixed. Overnight, they have to turn over a few bodies in order to get a comfortable position. In fact, no matter what kind of sleep posture, relax and comfort, sleep well.