Stress can make you younger and younger

Stress can make you younger and younger

How to delay the aging of life and keep life alive under the “erosion” of time is the common dream of human beings for thousands of years.

From the ancient medical doctor Fang Shi struggling for anti-aging methods to modern medicine, to the research of anti-aging in modern medicine, people have never given up the longing and longevity, and have been looking for a way to keep youth.

  Among the four anti-aging new discovery scientists’ intensive research to unlock the human aging code, some research results may exceed our traditional perception of health.

  First, stress allows your young scientists to study and find that “useful stress”, that is, short-term, less stimulating, and fulfilling tasks, can help the body produce proteins that are good for repairing cells, including brain cells, so that they work bestThe state of work stimulates the vitality of each cell and makes the body younger.

  Second, the biological clock-slowing the progress of aging Scientists have discovered that the progress of aging may be caused by a gene related to the internal biological clock.

Following the law of the biological clock, establishing a regular schedule is one of the methods to delay aging.

  Third, the brain is getting more and more “new” Japanese scientists have discovered that the brain of people who use the brain is dilated in many places, and the brain tissue has sufficient blood and nutrient supply, which provides a material basis for delaying brain aging.

Therefore, although the brain-working people are as old as 70 or 80 years old, their thinking process can still be as agile as young people, and they maintain complete cognitive abilities. Their hearing, vision, and responsiveness are better than their is good.

  Fourth, the beneficial bacteria can help you fight aging. The beneficial bacteria can create nutrients and energy for the human body, fight aging, and prevent cancer.

Beneficial bacteria include Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, etc. Drinking yogurt and drinks with lactic acid bacteria is a good choice for anti-aging.