How to maintain health in Xiaoshu, do these things healthy and longevity

How to maintain health in Xiaoshu, do these things healthy and longevity

It is now in the summer heat season, and the heat is the main climate characteristic of hot and hot weather. Many places in China usually have high temperature in the summer heat season.
Xiaoshu is the best time to maintain health. How should Xiaoshu be healthy?
How should I eat small summer heat?
Let’s take a look at Xiaobian’s Xiaoshu Health Book.
銆€銆€Another major feature of the summer heat season is that the heat is steamed and the items are prone to mold. Therefore, the folks also have the custom of painting and painting and clothing on June 6th of the lunar calendar, which means 鈥淛une 6th, red and green鈥?
Legend has it that after the sun, the insects are not ruthless.
In this hot and humid summer season, we must pay attention to the summer heat and its associated diseases.
銆€銆€Summer vacation.
After the summer heat, the summer heat is coming, people are very prone to heatstroke, and healthy summer is the primary task of the summer heat.
On the one hand, to avoid heatstroke, try to reduce outdoor activities around noon. It is best to go to the umbrella and wear a hat to avoid strong sun exposure for a long time. At the same time, drink more cold and white, and when you sweat too much, you can add a small amount of salt to the water.Maintain electrolyte balance in body fluids; avoid overwork and ensure adequate rest and sleep.
銆€銆€On the other hand, be alert to emotional heatstroke, high temperature is easy to make people upset, for some small things will be a big hit.
Prevent emotional heat strokes, listen to music, relax and relax, and keep your mind calm.
In addition, it is recommended to eat less greasy, spicy food, drink less spirits, less smoke, can eat some phlegm, in addition to trouble sleeping.
銆€銆€Avoiding illness.
As the saying goes, “small heat and heat, steamed and boiled”, the image of the characteristics of this high temperature and heat.
Healthy people feel sultry and unbearable, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients want to be more comfortable in summer.
It is recommended that people with a history of heart disease pay attention to indoor ventilation, and physical cooling can be taken when sultry.
Always have an oxygen bag, which can be relieved by oxygen when the chest is suffocated and short of breath.
銆€銆€In addition, some chronic respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc., are often in remission during the hot summer, but still need to pay attention to the mouth, try not to eat cold and cold food, so as not to relapse.
銆€銆€In the summer heat season, we must be especially vigilant about intestinal infectious diseases, pay attention to food hygiene, not overeating.
銆€銆€Health care for small heat: should be less moving and more static From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is vigorous in the heat, and the yang has the function of guarding the body surface and resisting evil spirits.
Only by protecting your own yang can the body be healthy.
In the heat of the summer, the climate is hot and the human body consumes a lot of energy. At this time, it is advisable to follow the principle of 鈥渓ess movement and more static鈥?to avoid yang venting too much.
Everyday work and rest should be regular. In addition to ensuring adequate sleep, we must also pay attention to the combination of work and rest. When exercising, we must master the strength and avoid excessive strength.
銆€銆€Do not sit on the wood for a long time As the saying goes: “Winter does not sit on the stone, summer does not sit on the wood.
“Small summer heat, high temperature, high humidity, wood for a long time, such as wooden benches in the community or in the park, after the rain, the water content is more, the surface looks dry, but after the sun,When the temperature rises, it will emit moisture outside.
If a person sits on it for a long time, it may induce diseases such as hemorrhoids, rheumatism and arthritis, so it is not appropriate to sit on a wooden bench in a small summer.
銆€銆€Practicing yoga can improve the nature of the heat. The hot summer climate is hot and people are prone to become restless.
At this time, practicing yoga can play a role in soothe the nerves.
Yoga originated in India and is an ancient method of exercise and body exercise. In the “Yoga Sutra” by the ancient sage Patanelli, yoga is accurately defined as “the control of the effect on the heart.”
Studies have shown that long-term practice of yoga helps to exert control and regulation of the autonomic nervous system.
Practicing yoga during the summer season can keep people calm and help relieve irritability.
銆€銆€灏忔殤鍏荤敓鐨?绉嶉鐗┿€€銆€榛勯碀銆€銆€姘戦棿鏈夆€滃皬鏆戦粍槌濊禌浜哄弬鈥濈殑璇存硶锛屾渶杩戜竴娈垫椂闂撮碀楸兼渶涓烘粙琛ワ紝涓尰璁や负榛勯碀鎬ф俯鍛崇敇锛屽叿鏈夎ˉ涓泭姘斻€佽ˉ鑲濊劸銆侀櫎椋庢箍銆佸己绛嬮绛塅unction, the best summer time to eat jaundice, can prevent diarrhea caused by summer food indigestion, but also protect the cardiovascular.
銆€銆€钘?Chinese folks have the custom of 鈥渟mall summer eating鈥?
As early as the Qing Xianfeng years, he was appointed as a royal tribute.
Chinese medicine believes that the sputum raw food has the effects of clearing heat and fluid, moistening the lungs, dispersing phlegm and swelling, and stopping bleeding. It can treat fever, polydipsia, vomiting blood, gonorrhea and other symptoms.
Cooked food has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, digestion, diarrhea and solidification.
銆€銆€Mung bean sprouts The third big treasure of the summer heat is the green bean sprouts.Often eat green bean sprouts, can clear the stomach, detoxification, dampness heat, clean teeth, have a good health care.
Clinically, mung bean sprouts decoction is used to treat acne, burns and other traumatic infections.
The riboflavin contained in the mung bean sprouts can be used to treat oral ulcers, and can also adjust the five internal organs, pass the meridians, and solve various poisons. It can be used for excessive drinking, dampness and heat stagnation, and less body tiredness.
銆€銆€Mung Bean Mung bean is sweet and cool, and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying.
In summer, the human body sweats a lot, the body fluid loss is large, and the electrolyte balance in the body is destroyed. It is the most ideal method to supplement with the green bean soup.
It can not only clear the heat, but also quench the thirst and diuretic. It can not only replenish water, but also replenish inorganic salts in time, which is of great significance for maintaining the balance of water and electrolyte.
銆€銆€Xinmi In the past, folks had the custom of 鈥渇ood new鈥?in the summer, that is, after the small summer, the new rice was tasted. After the farmers cut the newly cut rice into rice, they prepared rice for the gods and ancestors, and then everyone tasted the new wine.
It is said that “eat new” is “eat Xin”, which is the first day after the summer holiday.
The city generally buys a small amount of new rice and cooked with the old rice, plus new vegetables.
Therefore, the folks have a small heat to eat, and the summer heat eats the valley.
銆€銆€Mango In addition, people who like to eat mango have a good taste, and the farmer said that 鈥渟mall summer eats mango鈥? before and after the summer is the most mature and delicious season of mango.
Since mangoes contain a lot of vitamins, they often eat mangoes, which can moisturize the skin.
Edible mango has the effect of clearing the stomach and intestines, and has certain antiemetic effects on motion sickness and seasickness.
銆€銆€River otters often stay in air-conditioned rooms can also induce “dry eye disease.”
Chinese medicine believes that the meat has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing yin and clearing the eye. The river scorpion is rich in protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, and has health effects on the human body.
Need to be reminded that people with cold cold, spleen and stomach, diarrhea should not eat.
銆€銆€Red Bean Xiaoshu pays attention to the heart, while red beans not only benefit from water and edema, but also have a good effect on nourishing the heart.
Adding some red beans to the summer heat diet is more convenient for your body.
Because red beans are rich in iron, they are also very suitable for women who are not enough blood, and have the effect of qi and blood.
銆€銆€Ginger As the saying goes, “Winter eating radish and eating ginger in the summer”, “three pieces of ginger in the morning, and drinking ginseng soup.”
After the summer heat, the summer is coming, many people will lose their appetite, and ginger is good for the digestion and absorption of food, which has certain benefits for summer heat prevention.
In summer, people are so greedy, and they love air-conditioners. It is easy to cause colds and colds.
At this time, drink ginger sugar water in time to help expel the body from cold.
銆€銆€Anyone who is yin deficiency, anger, or redness, or suffering from swollen sores, pneumonia, lung abscess, tuberculosis, stomach ulcer, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, diabetes, hemorrhoids, should not eat ginger for a long time.